7 responses to “What have I gotten myself into?

  1. It might be possible, if you were willing to forego all public transportation. But I’m the last person to suggest you ride a bicycle or walk around kgn. (but aren’t I talking to the 4am new kgn trodder so maybe I’m wasting my time.) Also you would probably have to cook and eat at/from home everyday and you may be missing some key nutrients. Hey ppl out there are surviving on less yes. But I doubt they are the ones getting up and heading to those grueling 9 hour slaves with the 2 hour commutes. Best of luck. I may try this when its at 25000 a week THAT I might be able to squeeze… Lol

    • Wow! Thts pretty low! Would love to see how it goes! Post your daily/weekweekly results/tips etc on the blog nuh! Or just share them with me and I’ll post abt them!

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